That Blogger

I went to Starbucks this morning and bought a $4.00 coffee...mainly because I had a gift card. But, still: ridiculous.

I have 20+ tabs up on my Chrome at all times. I honestly don't know how my macbook hasn't just quit on me yet!

My "office" is my living room floor & coffee table...even though I have an office space in my apartment.

I just dropped a pretty penny on a beautiful planner from Blue Sky. Let the post-planning begin!

I go to Target on a weekly basis. Sometimes, twice a week.

I've always taken pictures of everything I do, but now I'm taking picture of the "befores" and the step-by-step processes for everything. Annoys my husband. He's getting used to it, though.

I have, not one, but two bubble necklaces hanging in my jewelry collection.

I'm wearing pretty neon pink Nike Free tennis shoes. Have I worked out in 3 weeks? Not a chance.

My iPhone is attached to my fingers. If I'm not checking emails or checking my Google Reader, I'm scrolling through my TwitterTumblrInstagram and Pinterest feeds.

Rafflecopter is my favorite little box to see. If only I'd actually win one day!

I subscribe to "Family Circle" magazine even though it's just me and my husband!

Betty White is on Live with Kelly & Michael right now, making my day fabulous. (Okay, not so much a "blogger" thing, just a "me" thing).

How'd you realize you were "that" blogger?