Google Reader Madness

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Like many of you last night, I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business when I saw the newest blogger hub-bub. Google announced they were ditching Google Reader....DUN DUN DUN!

I've had a couple other mediums for reading blogs, but Google Reader was always my go-to for those 2+ hour-time-periods where I could just sit and read and read and read. So, I was a little ticked.

With this happening, I know they haven't officially ditched Google Friend Connect (yet), but let's think about what this change really means: Most people who added us through GFC, clicked "add to Google Reader." In July, when there's no longer a Google Reader, those people will no longer be truly following...or they might...but, there's no way to truly tell. Therefor, the GFC number no longer proves ANYone is reading your blog.

I just hit 300+ GFC followers recently and I felt so proud of that...however, I know that so many of you have 2000+. I can't imagine how that feels! For now, I'll be keeping GFC over there on my sidebar in case something new happens, but for now, I'd appreciate some Bloglovin' peeps. It'll be where I read blogs from now on. I love the layout...still, change is always annoying!

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