Africa by Road by Christena Dowsett

As a Freshman in college, ever-so naive with my camera, I became an photojournalist (intern) for our campus newspaper, The North Texas Daily. In most of our meetings, I felt like a lost puppy because I was surrounded by some amazing journalists who actually knew what they were doing and were fantastic at it. One of those journalists, Christena, took me under her wing that semester, which I still continue to appreciate and love her for.

Through a track and field assignment, we traveled 8 hours (one way) and got to know each other well. After 16 hours in the car with someone, you can pretty much know their entire life story, beliefs, opinions, likes, dislikes and beyond...and that's exactly how it went! She got some amazing pictures that day, I took some (ha) and we got a speeding ticket on the way home thanks to lame small-town cops. Overall, I remember that day so clearly because I loved getting to know my new friend Christena.

Ever since she graduated in 2010, I've been able to keep up with her journeys on Facebook, her website and blog. She's continued to grow into an even more amazing photographer, constantly traveling and photographing the most beautiful people in Africa.

I was beyond thrilled to see she is releasing a book next month. Africa by Road is going to be a beautiful piece for anyone to add to their collection. Not all of us will ever get to see the places she has been, but her photographs can help us experience them alongside her. Plus, if Christena took it, it's amazing. That's just a fact of life. Am I right? Or, am I right?

By purchasing her new book you'll be covering printing costs and supporting her next plane ticket back to Africa.
There are still people and places to be shared, so let's make that happen through Christena's lens.

You can purchase her book (e-copies and hard-copies) and see more of her story here. Be sure to also check out her portfolio website and instagram. If you're anything like me, you'll just sit in awe seeing her photographs scroll by.

I can't wait to see what she will be able to capture on her next trip. 
Beautiful work by a beautiful person deserves some beautiful support. Don't you think so? I sure do!

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