Globes Red Carpet

I don't always know a whole lot about the actual awards shows themselves, but I know I'm glued every time one comes on. Basically it's because I'm a red carpet junkie. I love seeing the pretty, the crazy and even the scary outfits that designers come up with. 

Jennifer Lawrence wore red! Remember her 2011 Oscars red dress? Well, that's the first time I saw her and fell in girl-crush with her! This one doesn't give that much of a reaction, but it was pretty nonetheless. Zooey Deschanel's dress color was a pretty shade..kind of a burnt red. Loved the material too.

This year was all about nudes and mermaids! Most were both nude+mermaid in one. 

Hey, if you've got the figure, (which they all do!) go for it. 

JLO always pushes the limit of the skin-showing category, but I actually appreciated how this one was done. I think I like that you can't see her actual skin underneath, nor any lines, cracks, etc. Then there's miss Kerri, who looked absolutely flawless in her nude/lace dress. The sparkles were the perfect touch. 

The next two were just so well done. I think both ladies look absolutely photoshopped and perfect. 

At first glance, I was feeling a bit "so-so" about both of these. Loud patterns usually don't go so well for a formal event, but the more I looked, the more I liked. Even the flower-power ensemble that Lucy Liu was rocking. I think it's her that pulls it off...too beautiful not to. 

Two of my most-favorites were all black. It's just so chic. Modern Family knows how to pick them!

Then, there's always a few least-favorites, of course. I thought the light teal of Jessica Chastain's dress coordinated beautifully with her hair color, but the way it made her chest just drop lost it for me. And this flower no!

All of these photos are from E! online, taken by various Getty photographers.