The Oscars Red Carpet

Now, the only Oscar that really matters should go to my boxed red velvet brownies that I enjoyed last night as we watched the red carpet and Academy Awards coverage. They were delicious. 

Anyway, here's some of my favorite red carpet looks of the evening. I watched the carpet coverage, but it was way too long to keep my attention. Thankfully, there's pleny of shots across the internet showing me what I missed. The theme of the evening seemed to be glamorous, but not Oscars-glamorous. I'm a-okay with that, as color and fun usually become instant favorites of mine. 

I don't know where this peachy-beige color came from, but I kind of love it. I kept pointing out dresses I loved, later realizing they were all the same shade of....well, whatever this color is! I think it's funny when you can see a fad so prevalent at an awards show. This color is a winner in my book!

Now, back to those brownies...luckily, there's plenty left. Brownies for days!