Rare Snow Day

If you have friends from Texas, you know whenever we see snow. We're making our statuses about it, posting pictures and probably texting you. In our defense, we only get about 3 snow days a year, so just let us enjoy our day. 

This morning I didn't even know it had snowed, mainly because the predicted forecast was completely wrong. We had no idea until Coach went downstairs on his way to school. I heard him yell my name, so I came to see what he needed. 

SNOW! I get really excited about it, so I was so happy to see. I went downstairs to get a few snapshots in case it melts away this afternoon. My fingers froze pretty quickly, so I didn't stay too long, but here's what I got:

As I was outside this morning, I realized I had never shared pictures from the other snow day this year, Christmas day. Yes. Here in Texas, we had a white Christmas! It started out really light, but as we drove the 2 hours to my parent's house from Coach's family's, it became a full-on Texas blizzard.

By the morning of the 26th, the roads were all clear, but the trees were still completely covered and beautiful. This is my parent's backyard. It's not edited, filtered, or changed to black and white. That's just how it looked: a winter wonderland. 

I know some of you in parts of the country have gotten more than enough snow this winter and it doesn't feel very special. If you're stuck in your house be sure to get out there and take a few pictures. Find the beauty in the bummer.