Simple Snow Ice Cream

Every time my hometown has a big snow (like earlier last week), I see tons and tons of "snow ice cream" pictures in all my social media feeds. I've never made this before, mainly because it sounded a little iffy. I wouldn't go drink rain water, so why would I eat snow? But, I read online (and the internet is always right, right?) that snow may be even purer than my tap water. So...WHATEVER, I went for it!


I set out a large bowl on a bar stool in my backyard for several hours. Luckily, the flurries never let up that day, so it didn't take long for the bowl to fill up! A few recipes I read called for 8 cups of snow, but instead of measuring it out, I figured my bowl-full was about right. My other ingredients were vanilla extract and a small can of condensed milk. 


Here's how it goes: Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and the can of condensed milk into the large bowl of clean snow. Mix it up. Boom. Instant ice cream deliciousness. 


I can't get my husband to try any because he is still on the "iffy" side of eating snow, but I'll store some in the freezer for him when he figures out how sweet it is! Maybe if I add some sprinkles, I can make it happen! (Putting in mixed berries has been my favorite addition so far).


Anyone else make snow ice cream during the winter?