Cake Batter Dip

If you're like me, you grew up licking the spoon (bowl, if you were lucky) anytime cake or brownies were being baked in the house. I know we're all a little more aware now of what could happen when eating raw eggs and such, but in case you still miss that amazing batter flavor, this is definitely a dessert dip for you! I shared this recipe here on the blog many years ago, but it was definitely time for a remake! 

Here's all you need: Cake batter of some sort (vanilla with sprinkles is my favorite), one cup of vanilla yogurt, whipped topping. Feel free to add in some sprinkles as you go! I always pair this batter dip with animal cookies. 

ONE: In a small bowl, add in the cup of yogurt. | TWO: Next up, 1/3 cup of whipped topping. | THREE: Last, but not least, 1/2 cup of cake mix. (Add more, or less of each if you like. This is one of those recipes that you can't really "mess up.")

FOUR: Mix it all up until you have a nice batter/icing consistency. 

Now you're ready to dip some for yourself or serve to friends and family! This was a hit during the big football game at our house last weekend. Whether your animal cookies are covered in icing, or not, this dip is the perfect place for them to be. 

With this flavor combination, it really reminded us all of one of our favorite childhood snacks: Dunkaroos! Anybody else remember those? You can actually still buy them in Canada through Amazon. But, if that's too much trouble, this is a great alternative!