Halloween Monster Eyeballs

Last year, I made a simple little snack for a Halloween party and though this year, I'd change the colors up a bit. Monster Eyeballs only require three ingredients, take minutes to put together and are sure to ghoul-up your Halloween spread. 

Here's what you need:

ONE: Regular Oreos (Double-Stuff, if you'd like)
TWO: Regular Peanut M&M's
THREE: Black Icing Writer

Here's what you do: 

ONE: Separate the Oreo cookies. Ditch/eat the non-cream side.
TWO: Add a dot of black icing in the middle.
THREE: Press a colorful M&M into the icing.
FOUR: Add a "pupil" to the M&M with another dot of icing. 

Last year, I used all green M&M's, but this year I added in orange and yellow. 

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