Easy Hawaiian Chicken

Ever since my mom shared an easy Hawaiian Chicken recipe (this one) with me a few years ago, it's always one of my go-to meals, especially on workdays! When I was grocery shopping last week, I saw a new sauce that could change up this go-to recipe, in the very best way!

The usual ingredients are chicken breasts (I used 4) and a can of pineapple chunks. The new ingredient, replacing bbq sauce, is this Hawaiian Lua sauce from Campbell's. It's meant to cook with pork, but I'm not much of a pork person and I just had to use it anyway!

Pro tip: Before getting started on any slow cooker meal, buy these liners from Reynolds! They make cleanup a dream...when it could be a total nightmare (if you've ever cooked something too long in a crock pot, you know what I mean). 

ONE: Line your crock pot.
TWO: Add in frozen chicken breasts (4).
THREE: Cover with drained can of pineapple chunks.
FOUR: Top with entire pack of Hawaiian Lua sauce.
FIVE: Cover and cook on "high" for 5 hours.
SIX: Enjoy as whole chicken breasts, or shredded. 

In the last 30 minutes, while my home was smelling with the aroma of a lua, I was busy cooking up some quinoa and green beans to add as sides. 

The verdict? We loved it! It's very similar to our go-to classic meal, but the additional tastes of mango and bell pepper in the sauce gives it the perfect kick. 

This may be dinner again...very soon!
PS: Can I go back and live in Hawaii again? K, thanks!