Homemade Powdered Donuts

There isn't a time where I don't remember making this delicious breakfast. My mom, sister and I used to make these when I was growing up (and my mom's mom taught her). Whenever I'm craving donuts, I usually just want to make my own, not wait in line at a donut shop. 

Here's what you need: Biscuits (any kind is fine, I used Buttermilk), a bottle cap (mine's from a leftover Coke Zero), powdered sugar (at least a cup) and any kind of cooking oil (coconut tastes the best). 

1. Heat coconut oil on the stove (med/low) 2. Take biscuit dough and give it a little stretch. 3. Use a bottle cap to punch a hole through the dough (making both a donut & donut-hole). 4. Repeat until all biscuits are donut-ed. 

5. Fry 'em up by dropping them in the heated oil. 6. Flip (using tongs) once browning starts to occur on the bottom. 7. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

8. Now, the super fun part begins (especially if you have kiddos helping you out). Take a brown paper bag, add a cup of powdered sugar and several of the donuts and donut holes. Then, close the bag up (twisting) and shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it!

Now, you've got delicious powdered donuts to add to a brunch/breakfast (I totally think they taste best after sleeping in on a Saturday morning....but hey, that's just me). 

Is my Mamaw a genius, or what?