EO Room Freshener Storage

I haven't chatted much about my Essential Oil obsession on the blog because I still feel like a bit of an EO newbie, but I use my Young Living EOs daily in my toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and by diffusing the air. One way I keep my diffuser ready to freshen is by having a container full of water and my favorite oils stored nearby. 

Instead of buying anything, I've upcycled a few Starbucks glass containers to store my favorite freshening mixture. Here's what I used: glass Starbucks container, Chalkboard Paint*, chalk (or white paint pen), paintbrush, water and EOs (Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon). 

1. Clean out the leftover coffee. 2. Take off all label stickers (peanut butter is supposed to help remove the sticky leftovers after taking off labels). 3. Paint the top with chalkboard paint (I left it on the bottle so I could get all the sides) and let dry, repeat. 4. Using a white paint pen (my chalk proved too large to write with), I labeled the bottle "Fresh," which is the only way I know to describe these scents together. 5. Then, I filled the bottle with water and the 3 EOs (buy them here). 

Whenever I want to freshen up a room quickly, I just shake up the bottle and pour a little of the water into the diffuser. I can usually diffuse the room five or so times with one filled container. 

What oils do you mix to quickly freshen your home?