IKEA Family: May 6 - June 2

Every month, my favorite blue warehouse puts tons of items on sale at a discounted price for all IKEA Family card holders. Not a family member? Sign up now. Along with the discounts, you get free coffee or hot tea in the restaurant, more Småland time for the kiddos and a 90 Day Price Protection. Basically, you really shouldn't shop at IKEA without it!

Here's some favorite items I've chosen from the family discount list this month. You can always go see all the discount items on the IKEA website. This time, there's quite a few items on sale that we already have in our own place! You already know how much I love my KIVIK couches and this lamp sits in our living room too:

1. Lamp | 2. Dresser | 3. Foam Pillow | 4. Wardrobe | 5. Night Stand | 6. Comforter | 7. Glasses | 8. Wall Art | 9. KIVIK Couches