DIY Gold Pumpkin Planter

I've always wanted to have the pretty mums on the porch during the fall season, even if they're a little harder to keep alive and well. Because we recently painted our front door the shade of a traffic cone, I needed a little more jack-o'-lantern a little less orange and black going on. Gold and purple it is!


I hadn't seen too many gold Halloween decorations, so I knew I'd have to make my own. Luckily, I found the perfect-sized jack-o'-lantern treat bucket at Target and this whole project idea came to me, cartoon-lightbulb-above-the-head style! 


Here's what I used:

  • Giant Jack-o'-lantern Treat Bucket | $6
  • Potted Mums | $12
  • Metallic Gold Spray Paint | $4
  • Optional - Rocks for Weight

I started the spray painting by turning the pumpkin upside down (removing its handle) and starting from the bottom. Spray evenly over both the orange and black until both are well-covered. Once your have that half good and dry, flip it over and begin on the top (even and inch or so on the inside of the opening). 


The pumpkin needed a little more weight, so it wouldn't blow away with the wind. I gathered up rocks from the backyard and placed them in before the mums. Now all you have to do is water the flowers, keep it in the sun and wait for the blooms to arrive!


So far, my mums have been thriving through the first half of October. We'll see how long I can keep them up! I'm absolutely just the worst at all-things-plants, but these are so pretty. I've been pretty proud seeing them on my porch lately! *crosses all the fingers*