Uniting the Floors

One of the best things about our house is the high ceilings and window light that bounces all along the open spaces. The living, dining, den and kitchen are all connected by these same walls. What we thought we'd be able to ignore for a while was the three (very) different types of flooring scattered across those same beautifully lit areas.

Light wood in the living room, tan tile in the den and white tile in the kitchen/dining/hallway. 


The trifecta of flooring met at the corner of the den and living room in an effort to "separate" each open room. It didn't take long after closing for us to realize that if we planned to make the change to a seamless look eventually, it made a lot more sense to get the flooring work done before we moved every single thing we owned into the house. Especially appliances, tables, couches, etc.


With a few consultations at a nearby flooring company, S&H Flooring, we picked out a style and color that worked best for us. The heavy-duty vinyl plank we chose is durable and waterproof. Since we'd be putting it in the kitchen (below the dishwasher, fridge and sink,) and underneath the hot water heater, we really wanted to make sure it wouldn't bow or rot if a water accident were to happen someday. 

The color we picked is called "Antique Hickory." Unlike it's name, we felt that it was a lot more clean and modern than a "scratched" vintage look and It's on the darker side without being black (which would show every piece of lint, dust, etc. that ever landed on it). It's also not too red or too yellow, which I love. Just right, Goldilocks! 


As much as we'd have loved to try to DIY this project, we saved ourselves from fights and tears by leaving it to the professionals.

We were actually having to move out of our apartment on this very weekend the tiles were being hammered away. So, imagine us, coming in with all our boxes and furniture, stepping into a hallway that looks like a demolition zone. We made it happen and the staff worked hard to get the remnants all shoveled away as quickly as possible. 


Just like magic, we went to work one day with a floor in shambles and came home to our beautiful new seamless Antique Hickory. The rooms each feel a whole lot bigger, since the flooring never ends from one to the other. The spaces truly feel like an open area now, matching those vaulted ceilings and bouncing light. 


Once we had all our furniture in place, we were so glad we made the decision to go ahead and make it happen and not wait several months after move-in. We have plenty of DIY projects to continue keeping us busy, but having this one completed by the folks at S&H Flooring was such a huge undertaking and a dramatic change for our first month in the house.