A Capsuled Stylebook

Remember that moment in Clueless when Cher's computer had software that would help her get dressed in the mornings? I know my 5-year-old brain couldn't comprehend such a concept, especially since all my computer could do at the time was type green text on a black screen...or, play Dig-Dug. Well, now I've fulfilled my 90's dreams, becoming Cher-ish with my new closet app. I also did the opposite of Cher and basically got rid of most of my clothes. She would be loser-loser-as-if-ing me so bad right now. 

Lately, I've been obsessed with studying the concept of a capsule wardrobe. According to Wikipedia, "capsule wardrobe" was coined in the 1970's by Susie Faux, who concluded that it is a collection of essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion that can be augmented with seasonal pieces. (Unfancy is a great place to start researching). I'm not a "clothes" person anyway and shopping isn't one of my favorite things. I've always liked having a lot of black items with a few pops of color. 

Really, I just miss school days when it was socially acceptable to wear sweats and basketball slides every day. Anyway, because I already have simplistic clothing choices, a well-planned capsule wardrobe seems perfect for me.

Through my searches on the subject, I discovered the Stylebook app. It helps you take your own clothes from your closet to your iPhone and let's you build "looks" using your clothes. It's pretty much what Cher's computer did for her way back then. I promise you, it's about to CHANGE. YO. LIFE.

Before getting the app, I purged my closet. Y'all, I purged more clothes than I ever have before. So much so, I'll probably have to have an IG closet sale soon. I only have about 30 pieces left. Here were my "musts" when deciding whether or not a piece was a keeper:

1. Must match/coordinate with 3+ looks. 2. Must fit well. 3. Must be length-appropriate. 4. Must still be in quality condition.

Basically, anything too short, hole-y or not neutral got the boot. It. Felt. Good!

With the clothes I had left, I designated a few hours one afternoon to photograph and add them into my Stylebook app. With universal items like my black jeggings, I'd just type in "black jeggings" on Google and upload any photo. No need to photograph the generic stuff! For un-Google-able patterns and color-specific items like cardigans and dresses (which are from older Target collections or discount stores like Ross or Marshalls), I'd set them out on my white coffee table and snap it.

After all my items were in my virtual closet, it was time to sit down and create some "looks." Dress by dress, skirt by skirt, I came up with a few different ways to wear each item. Mix and matching cardigans and shoes, I created so many more looks than I expected. Who knew all these different outfits were already in my closet? I even planned out my outfits for work for the next two weeks: 

Since the purge, I've realized there's quite a few items I need to complete my capsule wardrobe. I have a list on my Google drive to keep me in line when I'm shopping. If it's not on the list, it cannot be purchased. In the meantime, my Stylebook app is helping me make the most of what I already have and it's made planning for the work week SO much easier. 

From now on, buying a piece of clothing for me means adding it to the virtual closet before it's hung in the real one! Soon, when I'm feeling ambitious, I'm going to add in all my jewelry, bags and workout clothes. Creating the virtual closet takes a little bit of time, but I'm so excited for how much it's going to save me in the long run!

Anybody trying out capsule wardrobes? 

Have you used apps like Stylebook to help you succeed?