Pocket Dresses

This LBD was provided to me by Eshakti.

I'm all about comfortable clothes, so dresses are usually my go-to for my full-time work in school PR. However, I've come to realize, through trial and error, that dresses without pockets are altogether useless!

If I'm working an event for my own job or helping out with my wedding coordinating friends, you may be surprised at the interesting items that I need to run all over a venue with at any given time. My phone needs to be within arms reach (because there's usually a tweet or 'gram that needs to go out during an event)...but anything from markers and scissors to tape and camera lenses may also need to be around too.

I need to look professional/blend into the crowd at all of these events, so there's not a lot of room for hauling around giant bags or wearing lovely fanny packs. That's where pockets come in clutch. Especially in a flowy black dress like this one, no one will have to know all the crisis-averting treasures that are just a short distance away. 

Necessary pockets are why I love browsing through the dresses at eShakti.com. There's hundreds of dresses WITH pockets to choose from. Their dresses are totally custom made just for you (taking into consideration your height, measurements and sleeve/neckline preferences), so you can really make a piece specifically fit your lifestyle and unique shape. They're so custom, you can even omit the pockets...but, again, why would you ever want to? I mean, where would you put the emergency scissors?!


Not too long after receiving this little black dress from eShakti, I swooped up a lemon-patterned one on sale. I can't wait to wear both of these at upcoming events in my busy spring semester and fill those pockets with all those things I need to help make those events happen!

If you're new to eShakti, you get a $25 gift coupon and free shipping, so go get yourself some pocket dresses asap.