FitBit Fashion

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I got my Fitbit Flex* right around Black Friday last November. It's one of those things you don't think you need, then you get it and it's a total obsession and daily necessity. Seriously, if I let the battery run out and I'm not getting my steps counted, I might as well not take any at all, right? 

Anyway, I love my simple little Fitbit* and all that the app does. For someone who has never worn a watch, it did take some getting used to wearing. But, after just a week or two, it's like I never felt it on at all. Then, a funny thing started happening: the Fitbit started appearing in photographs. Like, big moment photographs...

Oh, I could cringe. It's become so second nature that I really forget it's there, sticking out like a sore thumb at weddings, photo shoots and daddy-daughter dances. Woops! 

Last week, my original Fitbit band totally wore out on me and nearly ripped in half. Just the excuse I needed to fix this problem of mine!

After a little bit of searching on Amazon, I found these great designs and knew they were just what I was looking for! They have a diamond pattern detail, which just adds a little more to them than the typical matte finish. The colors are just a lot more neutral and can coordinate easily with daily office clothes. Plus, there's a black to replace my broken one. You can buy all 5 for around $11: Henoda Replacement Bands*

I know I'm not going to get away from it being totally inconspicuous all the time. I think it's pretty clear that I do, in fact, have a Fitbit on my arm, but with the changing colors, they will be another part of an outfit, instead of the everyday black with every outfit at every occasion. 

Now, for super camouflaging the Fitbit for big events, I found this perfect gold bracelet. It would be pretty to just wear on its own! But, the bit fits right inside and I can even see the dots light up when I want to check my steps. This one is a bit steeper at $25, but if I can get away with wearing a fitness tracker to formal events, it's worth it: ZHOUZZ Metal Bracelet*

With my Amazon Prime* account, both items were at my doorstep within 2 days and I'm already getting to wear them to work this week! 

How do you dress up your Fitbit?