New Office Vibes

New office at my job means a new excuse to decorate! Well, I've kind of just moved around things from my old office and placed them in a new room. However, we do have lovely gray walls and nice new-to-me mahogany furniture that just kind of makes it all look a little classier than before. I'm still working to figure out the wall space. I want to keep it light and minimal, but I also think the walls need a little something-something. We'll see! 

A really new addition to the office is my new plants. I bought 4 from IKEA and they are the real deal, you guys! They're all supposed to do pretty well in offices (although, my room has zero windows). I so hope I can keep them up. If I totally fail, I'm sure I will resort to fauxs, but the real thing is so cool!

Like I said before, most of the items in my office were purchased back in 2014, so many of the products are no longer available. I've created a list with any dupes and similar items below:

Patterned Pillow - IKEA | Social Media Pillow - Amazon (discontinued) | Striped Pillow - IKEA | Desk Storage - IKEA | Large Plant - IKEA | Cork Hashtag - Target (discontinued, similar) | Round Rug - IKEA (discontinued, similar) | Happy Planner - Create 365 | Small Plant - IKEA | Faux Book Storage - IKEA | Striped Frames - IKEA (discontinued) | Paper Fans - Oh Joy! for Target (discontinued, similar) | Striped Blanket - IKEA | Kimmy Schmidt Quote - Etsy