Pretty Patterned Desk Pad

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In search of a cute mouse-pad solution for my new office, I was browsing around Pinterest and found this great tutorial from Michelle at 'a little tipsy' on making your own desk pad (something that can be a mouse pad + an overall desk beautifier). I knew I had to make one of these for myself. 

Similar to the tutorial, I used a PRÖJS desk pad from IKEA (nearly clear, a little frosted), a patterned wrapping paper, bought during Target's after-Christmas clearance, and KRYLON's Low Odor Spray Glue*. 

One layer of spray on the back of the PRÖJS and one layer of spray on the front of the wrapping paper was enough to get the job done. I tried to spray the corners down really well, as I've heard that is the main problem-point on these DIY desk pads. I used my hand to smooth out some of the bubbles and added a heavy box on top while it dried. 

Trim around the edges with an X-ACTO Knife* once the glue is dry (I used scissors, but I really don't recommend it. Way too difficult!). There you have it!

I'm loving the way this pattern is looking on my desk! The desk pad is the perfect size to become a real piece for your office. (Someone should try adding a picture-collage of instagrams. I bet that would be really cute too!)