Office Neccessities

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links.]

I've shared a little tour of my work office with you all before, but I wanted to give you a closer glimpse into the things beyond just the decor stuff. These are the things I have to have around there to function every week (except this week of course...Spring Break, holla!)

Some of these items are your usual office stuff, but a few others are a little more unique to me.

1. Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray* -

I use this stuff UP! Sometimes I spray down my keyboard, desk, doorknobs, etc. Especially when someone in the office isn't feeling well. It also slides into my purse anytime we go outside of the office for lunch.

2. Sticky Notes* -

I could not keep up with anything if it wasn't for these! At any given time, I usually have 4 or 5 stuck to my computer reminding me what I need to do the next day. I haven't gotten as organized as to have any color-coordination, but it's probably only a matter of time.

3. BELLA 13782 Coffee Maker* -

I was making way too many drive-thru coffee runs in the morning last fall and I really needed to chill out on that. Now, I keep my little coffee maker stowed away, along with coffee grounds, Splenda and creamer. Saves a lot of time and a little money too!

4. Green Air USB Diffuser* -

Instead of lugging my large oil diffuser back and forth from home to work, I got this great little computer-powered one for Christmas this year. Anytime a coworker is sick or I'm feeling under the weather, I fire up the little diffuser and it fills my office with the perfect aroma.

5. Giant Desk Calendar* -

My entire job works around 10-business-day deadlines. Everything I do has to be written down when it's received, clarified and completed. I've gotten really good at counting to 10 over the past few months. I couldn't do it without this calendar as my right hand!

6. Kleenex Tissues* -

It's good to have this on hand, even when I don't have the sniffles. Spill some lunch, wipe up the diffuser, etc. Tissues are always a necessity!

7. Ozarka Water* -

My office doesn't have a water fountain, so we go through tons of water bottles. Recently, I felt a little more green and wanted to buy larger gallon-sizes so that so much plastic wasn't being used. I keep spouts like these so that I can make coffee, tea, oatmeal or lemon water.

8. Glitter Pencils* -

I love sparkly things, so I keep these around just to be pretty. I don't really use pencils, but they're nice to look at.