Bedroom Makeover

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After feeling a little bummed about our lack of bedroom decor and wanting a more masculine and warm look, I finally got the chance to give it a little boost. Best news? I only spent about $50.00!

After Christmas, our house being clean has not been a priority... I know, it's been 2 months since then, but it's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My favorite way to "clean" since then has been "throw everything in the bedroom while they visit." It's become a stockpile of stocking-stuffers, files we should go through, wires to every device, that little tv my sister didn't want, laundry and so on. 

One weekend, Coach was going to be gone and I finally got tired enough of it to do something about it. It began as just giving the room a good cleaning and it turned into a few stops at stores and a complete overhaul (as much "overhaul" as renting allows). Here are some before + afters:

I used my trusty faux-headboard technique to create the wooden focal point. You can read all about that process when I wrote a post about it in our last apartment. Again, this only took about 15 minutes to apply and around $6 to purchase. I wasn't able to frame this one because of my lack of tools, but maybe someday soon!

I found two mirrors At Home that were the same size, but look both feminine and masculine on their own. Gold and fancy swirls for my side, steel rectangular clean lines for his. These are normally $25, but the gray one was half off that night. Score! 

My side lamp was a light teal color and although I like that it was different than Coach's, it needed some glam. I used the same Krylon's Short Cuts Gold Leaf* spray paint that I used to fix a pair of my flats recently. It was easily covered up with 2 coats. 

The biggest time-sucker of it all was painting our bright blue malm dressers. I loved how they looked in our old bedroom, as side tables, but in this new place it's just not the same. They needed a new clean look and I found this great gray (Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel*), which almost identically matched our new side tables.

Of course, I cleared out all of the useless junk and put misplaced items in their correct place (amazing concept, right? We should do that more often). We still need something inside the large gold frame above the dressers, but for the most part, I'm loving where it's at. It's feeling like "home."

Here's a quick rundown of most items in our room - Bed: Malm (IKEA), Comforter: similar Fieldcrest (Target), Throw Pillows: Stockholm + Navviva (IKEA), Throw Blanket: TOMS (Target), Side Tables: Raskog (IKEA), Table Lamps: Room Essentials (Target), Mirrors: (At Home), Contact Paper: (similar from Dollar Tree), Dressers: Malm (IKEA).

Happy Friday!