Bedroom Update

One of our many problems with our bedroom decor is that we have never had a dresser. Our tshirts literally lined the floor of our entertainment area for such a long time (8 months to be exact). No room in the closet, no room anywhere else. 

One day I saw a cute turquoise MALM dresser in the as-is section of IKEA (I'm not a "pay-full-price" kind of girl). Talked to it over with Coach, went back the next morning and it was gone. Bummer. 

Last Friday, my friends and I went to IKEA to check out my favorite clearance section again. As if the Devine intervened, an IKEA worker pushed out this turquoise beauty after we had been shopping around for 10 minutes or so. I grabbed it and purchased it so fast (for about half the regular price, I must add). Happy birthday to me!

The one other pesky issue in our bedroom were the wires hanging down from our little entertainment center (you know, whenever the tshirts weren't covering it all up). 

I'm proud to say, that both those issues are over and done. Check out our bedroom as it is, today. Forgive me for all my empty picture frames, though. That's another goal of mine for this week!


All those pesky wires and cords are now wrapped up and hiding behind all the DVDs in the shelf. Much more clean!

I'm going to be on the lookout for pillows that better match my new turquoise MALM dresser, but for now, that's what it all looks like! I'm sure I'll have this whole place looking real great one day, probably just in time for us to move out! 

Oh, the life of a renter!