Our Kitchen

I'm an hour late...oopsies! I got distracted and forgot to have a post scheduled. Regardless, here is another room reveal, as promised. My little kitchen! I was working with a lot of white and wanted to give it some color. Pale walls, white appliances and white cabinets were just too plain for me! We decided on green.  

First, I wanted to find a solution to the weird above-cabinet-space. I'm not a fan of ivy and floral things, nor cookie jars, roosters, or whatever else is usually seen up there. I wanted it modern, so while at IKEA, I had the idea to cover the space in fabric. Specifically, this SOFIA fabric. I'm so in love with stripes and I thought it would make for a bold piece above the cabinets. I used small nails to hold it up and trimmed it with an Xacto to fit. 


I always add white Christmas lights above the cabinets too. I love the look, year-round. 


Next, I wanted to give the open-cabinet look a try. I took off the cabinet doors (bagged and taped the screws and hinges to the doors when I put them away in a storage closet. I'll be able to put them back on when we move out.)

I found another fabric at IKEA that coordinated perfectly with the stripes. Cecilia is a whimsical (and not too girly) look, perfect for modernizing our space. 

I used the same fabric-taped-on-foam concept as our bookshelf pantry to create a backsplash for the open cabinets. I think my white dishes look great in front of them!


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