Our Bedroom

I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of decorating in the bedroom, but I figured I'd go ahead and reveal the direction we're going with. We wanted it be be very neutral with a pop of color and we decided to make that pop, red. Here's the day we move in: 

Here's what it looks like, as of this afternoon:

We used the Malm series from IKEA. Coach has had that bed for quite some time, so we went ahead and bought two matching nightstands. Our lamps, sheets and comforter are all from Target (thanks to our bridal shower guests!). 

The only pop of color we have at the moment, this red pillow, was a lucky find at Big Lots. It was around $10.00. The chevron patterned pillow from Hobby Lobby is probably my all-time favorite purchase. I'm in love with black and white stripes, as wells as the chevron pattern right now, so it was perfect (Plus, it was 50% off this week!)

Anyway, that's where we are for now. We're looking into wall decor ideas (maybe using IKEA's Britten Nummer fabric on canvas?). I have a while before I'm totally annoyed that it's empty!

Did I mention our bedroom window looks out over the pool? Yeah. That's cool. 

The bedroom dilemma I'm working on now is what to do with all these cords! They're messy and gross and I don't like them. I'm going to have to figure out how to hide them soon.  Yuck!

 If you have any cord/wire-hiding help, let me know! Have a great Saturday. 

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