Falloween Scheming

Last week, I pulled out my Fall decor tub and starting digging through to see what I'd keep, sell, donate or throw away. I'm a holiday hoarder (and proud of it). I only decor shop AFTER the holidays (75%+ off), so it's kind of a surprise each year when I get to use those "new" items, finally. 

This year, I decided to get rid of all my super "Halloweenie" decor. That means all terribly bright neon bowls, skull glasses, spiders, candy-covered tablecloths, etc had to go. Because of my newest Better Homes and Gardens, "Falloween" is my new favorite term to describe this season and it's exactly the theme I'm going for in my home. 

I chose to stick with some of the colors already in my living room and kind of worked around it. Here's the area above my entertainment center (which is kind of the center of all my decor). Most things you'll see were purchased long ago. This is why holiday hoarding is essential, y'all!

I'm excited about my yellow, teal, orange and neutral color scheme. There will also be plenty of black and white stripes added throughout. I'll be sure to update you guys as soon as I get the rest of my home done. Right now, it kind of just looks like Fall threw up around here. Cleanup on Aisle Living Room!