Living Room Colors

Remember how I said I was a little sick of my living room being just gold and brown and navy? And how my husband said it looks like a grandma's house? Blahhhh. Well, I've been trying to change it up and I think I've finally found a direction to go in. It all started when I saw a new orange rug at IKEA (ULLGUMP). Then I wanted some more ways to brighten up the space, so I added the tiffany-blue and light mustard in the form of a few accent pieces. 

Not sure how exactly I feel about this color combination with my current brown couches, but someday in the future, I plan on getting heather gray, where this color direction will certainly fit in. Until then, it'll just have to work with the brown. I'm liking where it's going so far! If you follow along on instagram, you can see some of the accent pieces as I find them and put them up!