Spring Living Room

Now that we're nearly into summer (oh, I dread those upcoming temperatures), I thought I'd belatedly share my springtime living room. Once winter was all packed away, I just added a few specific pieces to bring some light spring cheer. 

The main piece in our living room that changes throughout the year is this frame filled with freebie seasonal watercolor prints from Jones Design Company. I love that she gives such pretty pieces to her readers. The seasonal prints are my favorite! 

After Easter was over and I caught the sales at Target, I bought a few decorative colorful banners. One said, "Happy Easter," which I promptly cut in half and created a "Happy" banner for our fireplace. 

My big pineapple print from last year has made it's second annual springtime appearance, back in between the gold starbursts. I don't know when pineapples will be out of style, but I don't think my love for them will ever fade...so I may be THAt girl with the outdated pineapple print someday. I'm completely fine with that. 

Hope you're enjoying spring. Allergies and all.