Loving My Bright Lab Globes

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through my Instagram feed, as I do basically every waking hour of the day, and I came across Jordan (Oh Happy Day)'s seconds-old image announcing her new business venture, Bright Lab Lights. I was hooked, immediately, because I've always had an obsession with light strands. AND I get to pick my own colors? Sign me up!

I picked out a few colors to match my living room and hit "buy." They arrived in this beautiful packaging and I couldn't wait to put them together. 

Add the globes to the lights with a couple snips of the scissors and they're ready to hang and enjoy. Plus, I can always buy more globes and switch out the colors (thinking about it for Christmastime!). 

They certainly add a fun pop of color to our colorless fireplace. In my eyes, you can't ever go wrong with fun globe lights!

Congratulations, Jordan!

What color lights would you choose 

and where would you put them?