Custom KIVIK Sofa Cover Review

This blog post is sponsored by Comfort Works. All opinions are my own. Find out more info on my disclosure page.

I promise, this is no April Fools joke: there are bright orange couches in my living room. I repeat, there are ORANGE couches in my living room! Our grays were great for this past year, but when Comfort Works offered new slip covers for my IKEA KIVIK couches, I went bold and didn't look back!

Comfort Works sends sample fabrics to your mailbox before you commit to a color. I picked out lots of "normal" colors and then the Kino Orange. I will say that the Rouge Indigo Velvet fabric made the decision a little bit harder (I mean, it's velvet!), but once we saw that orange swatch in person, we knew we had to go for it! Orange or bust.

When the covers were delivered to my door, I opened the box to find this great ribbon-tied bag filled with our covers. It was like getting a Christmas gift in the middle of March! The bag is the perfect size to fit your old covers in to store them for another day. Mine, currently filled with my gray covers, fits nicely in my closet. Out of sight, out of mind.

Besides the shear boldness factor of having these bright orange couches, there's another thing about this fabric that I am so excited about! These babies are washable. So are my old covers, of course, but they need to be taken to the dry cleaner. I can pop these bad boys in my own washing machine! For you guys with kiddos and pets, imagine how nice it may be to wash a stained cushion immediately when an accident occurs!

The fabric feels very similar to our old covers, but the color is SUCH a huge change. When I walk in my place and see these each day, it makes me so happy. You can't feel to dreary in a room surrounded in orange, yellow and teal! It's impossible. 

While Comfort Works sells many covers for IKEA-brand couches, they've also branched out to help those with Pottery Barn basic furniture too. Don't have IKEA or PB? They've still got you covered. You can measure and customize a cover for any kind of couch you may own!

Here's the whole process of changing our couches in fast-forward video. I started out doing this on my own, then I realized that I needed some back up! I forgot that the end of the KIVIKs have to be taken off. Woops! Thanks to the hubs for helping me out.