A Faux Wood Pile

When we moved into this apartment, we knew there wouldn't ever be a fire in our fireplace. Gathering wood, figuring out how to start it and keeping a white fireplace free from soot is just not what we're into. Plus, our tv is right above it and the last thing I want to come home to is a melted television. Simple fix? Fake a wood pile!

I had seen this Margareta fabric at IKEA over the last few years and just needed an opportunity to use it. I grabbed up one yard and prepared for a little project-making. 

Here's everything you need:

ONE | Margareta fabric from IKEA (one yard is probably enough). 

TWO | Foam boards from Dollar Tree (enough to fill up the fireplace hole).

THREE | Hot glue gun and glue sticks. 

Doing some cutting and gluing, make your foam board the exact size of your fireplace opening. Then, wrap the fabric around the foam board, just like you wrap Christmas gifts. Pull tights and glue around all the edges and corners. Once the glue is all on and dry, you're ready to push into the space. 

This was such a simple project that has made our living room feel more cozy and very wintery. I love having the look of wood without the fear of letting in bugs or tons of dirt! Along with our Christmas decorations, it's definitely feeling like the holiday season around here!

What things make you feel cozier in the winter?