Spirit of Christmas

Can you all believe December is already here? I can't! Seems like yesterday I was seeing pictures of all the kiddos going back to school. Well, December is here and Christmas is hurrying on up. It's time to get into the spirit of the season! Here's the things that make me feel all holiday-y inside:

ONE: Jingle Bells | Coach has been playing the sounds of the season since mid-November, so we've already been hearing our favorites for a few weeks. Now they're starting to play them on the radio and singing them in church too, so it makes it feel more real!

TWO: Hot Drinks | Whether it's hot chocolate, peppermint mochas, or regular coffee with creme, somehow it all just tastes a little bit better this time of year.

THREE: Little Lights | Not only is our living room tree all lit up, but porches and homes across DFW are starting to glow with pretty lights. I've always been a fan of white lights, but colorful ones done right can be just as beautiful! It's finally acceptable to creep around neighborhoods and look at lights!

FOUR: Cool Breezes | I'm not a huge fan of cold weather (one of the reasons I hope to always live in Texas), but when it's finally time to bust out the gloves, I know Christmas must be nearby. A few days sub-30 and I love it...a snow flurry or two never hurts either!

FIVE: Silly Movies | I've already had a Lifetime marathon of silly Christmas movies and I loved every minute of it. No matter how outrageous (people fall in love in a matter of hours, of course), they always leave me feeling so happy.

What gets you in the Christmas mood?