Goodbye 2237

We said goodbye to our very first home today. 2237 will always hold some of our favorite memories. We spent the first 20 months of our marriage living in this 700-something square feet. Living together for the first time is kind of awesome, weird, scary and fun. I remember the day we drove back from our honeymoon cruise in 2012 and walked into 2237 for the first time as husband and wife. It was OUR home. All ours. There was a living room full of wedding gifts waiting for us that night and opening them up together began the realization of how exciting this new life was!

I'll admit. I cried a lot in 2237. Tears flowed for all kinds of reasons including the stress of paying off credit cards, learning to be a wife, sad movies, living with a messy boy, burnt dinners, hurt feelings, sad commercials and lovely little marriage disagreements. 

For every one of those sad tears, there were 10 times as many happy ones: sweet gifts from my new husband, our first holidays together with the same last name, guests visiting (even when they had to sleep on the couch), living room forts, Netflix marathons, game nights with friends and movie nights with my girls. 

We handed in our keys just a little while ago. Before that, we made one last trip up the stairs into 2237 to snap a few pictures with the only things left: One box. One key.

I'll miss that place a lot. Not for its small size. Or its loud pool parties. Or its lack of laundry room. I'll miss what the space represents. Our first home together. Our very first home.