Glam Laundry Room

First of all, can I just praise the Lord for finally having a washer and dryer in my home? Spending 80 weeks lugging loads of laundry down three flights of stairs, to the laundromat, waiting, waiting, spending all my quarters, waiting some more, folding, lugging them back up those 3 flights isn't the most fun. I definitely got used to it, but it never became easy. 

My sister recently purchased a washer and dryer from a friend of ours then signed a lease to an apartment that includes a set. So, we get to have her washer and dryer for a year! High five to us. Our first night in the new place, Coach kept saying, "Do you hear that? That is laundry being washed IN HERE!" It's the simple things, y'all. We're so excited!

When you look around and all you see as boxes during the moving process, your mind will make up any project just to distract yourself from having to unpack anything else. The laundry room was the one space where everything was unpacked and ready to use. That's why it's project room overhaul numero uno!

To spruce up the washer and dryer, I wanted some to add some girly golden sparkle. Because I'm borrowing these beauties from my sister, I definitely couldn't do anything on the permanent-side. That's where my hoarded party streamers come in...

The only supplies I used for this project were yellow streamers (from my 2012 Olympics party) and gold duck tape. First, I measured enough tape for one strip across the front of the washer (and a little to wrap around the sides). Then, I cut a streamer about 2 inches shorter than the tape. Leaving one inch on either end, I added the streamer along the sticky side of the tape to cover it up. Then, I placed it across the appliance with the sticky edges wrapping around the washer. *repeat 18 times* Measuring, lining up, sticking, removing and re-sticking eventually created those pretty little lines. Since most of the stickiness is covered by the streamers, cleanup will be super easy. 

To decorate the rest of the shelf-space and clean up the messiness of all the washing products, I brought in the gold-sprayed Dollar Tree bins from my old closet makeover and added a few faux-plants. 

Let's face it, washing clothes isn't all that fun, but I know seeing those gold stripes will put a smile on my face for quite a while. There's nothing wrong with making a hidden-place a little more happy! 

I was able to snap a little before-and-after action with my phone the night I put it all together. Forgive the quality (or lack thereof), but you get the picture. It's a little bit different than it was before, am I right?

I think that the large white wall space in-between the shelf and utilities may need a little something-something in the near future. I'll be browsing Pinterest and hopefully have a couple lightbulb moments for that spot soon!