Bathroom Guest Prep

There's nothing like the pressure of guests coming to stay with you that causes you to clean and organize and get it together! My cousin is bringing some friends at the end of this week and it really made me take a few more minutes of prepping our guest bathroom (which is also "my" bathroom). 

In "real life," I don't keep my bathroom this clean. Counters are usually covered in makeup and hair products, etc. That's the way the daily grind cookie crumbles. But, now that we've got some new guests coming, I've got a few ways to make them feel as home (and hotel-like) as possible. 

1. Organize Personal Items:

Since this is the bathroom I use on a day-to-day basis, I'll still have some of my things around when guests are in town (toothbrush, vitamins, etc). I make sure it's all tidy and organized and that the counters are free of clutter.

2. Pretty It Up:

This doesn't mean you need to redecorate the place anytime someone visits...but, I finally made the effort to frame some prints ("Trust Me, You're Lovely" is by Jenny Highsmith and "Spaghetti" is from IKEA) after a long time of bare walls. Add in a cute shower curtain, a few colorful towels and a rug or two. You don't have to do it big, but make sure it doesn't feel empty...and sad! 

3. Freshen the linens:

I took some time over the weekend and washed all hand towels and bleached/washed all body towels. They've been cleaned before, of course, but I want them to be as fresh off a clean as I can for my visitors. Plus, they just fold and look so much more presentable when they're right out of the dryer!

4. Stock and restock:

 Sometimes guests bring their own hygiene items, but will usually forget at least one thing they need. It's good to have products for them to use, where they can easily be found. In the shower, I have new shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a bar of soap in the caddy. 

In the top drawer of the counter, I have a few spare toothbrushes, toothpastes, hair gels, face masks, lotions and an emergency kit. Basically, these are just things you can get in the travel-size area of any store. These items are all pretty cheap and disposable, but they're perfect for the visitors who will be around for just a day or two. 

The last place that I hide guest necessities is in the little box near our trash can. The box has a spare roll of toilet paper, a variety of feminine hygiene products and a little bit of air freshening spray. If you're thinking, "Oh gosh...potty talk is so gross," then you'll probably agree that it's a really nice touch for guests who may be too shy to ask! 

That's how I prep and ready for guests to take over my bathroom. How do your make them feel home away from home?