Nashville | Bucket List

In a week I'll be flying off to Nashville for a work conference. I haven't been to Music City since I was in high school, so I'm excited to be going back! This weekend, I've been diving into articles and yelp and all kinds of online sources, so I can find a few fun things to do while I have some free time. I've realized that I need to do that in my own city (because I know Dallas has tons to offer!), but it's something about being in a new place that makes you put in a lot of research.

I'll totally be fifth-wheeling it while I'm there, since my two co-workers' spouses will be on the trip and Montrell is staying here in Texas. As an effort to NOT be that girl and ruin all the married-away-from-kids bliss, I've been looking for things I can walk/bike to on my own from our hotel! Here's a few things I want to do if I have time during my conference (crosses fingers):


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Nashville Farmer's Market: 

I really just want to see those corn bike racks, because how cool is that? From what I've seen, it looks like there's a wide variety of food and crafts here that I'd love to see, even if I can't bring a bundle of veggies back in the plane!


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Nashville B Cycle:

Like I said, I won't have a car and a few places are a little further than my little feet would like to walk. Luckily, Nashville has these awesome rental bikes with stations all over downtown. I think I'll buy a week pass and bike wherever I go! 


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Frothy Monkey:

I'm a sucker for pretty coffees and delicious breakfasts. Everything on their menu looks fantastic and the place looks even cooler. Super photogenic!


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Frist Art Museum:

Right now, there's an exhibit on Italian Fashion that is really intriguing. Not to mention, the building itself is amazing. Whether I go in, or just stand in awe outside, I must stop by!

Anyone been to Nashville recently and have some ideas for me? I'll be downtown without a car, so anything nearby would be fantastic! Let me know in the comments below, or social media!