Man Cave Update II

The man cave recently got a clean-overhaul (while my husband was gone for 3 days...I don't think I could have done it, otherwise!). It also go two new accessories recently: a workout machine for me and a gaming chair for him. 

We had to shift around some things when my parents brought me their old elliptical (thanks mom and dad) and I had to find a spot for the like-new gaming chair I scored for $10 at a local thrift store. Coach had been lugging our office chair into the room anytime he wanted to play games because the futon is just too far away to sit, I guess! Problem solved. 

Did I mention it needed to be cleaned? Like, it was in dire conditions, y'all. Sometime after Christmas, between bringing in new gifts and continually piling up things that didn't belong, it got a little rough! It's finally all put (mostly) back together thanks to a weekend of organizing. 


  • My elliptical and I have a love/hate relationship. I do love that I no longer have any excuse not to workout...rain, sleet or shine. However, I still hate every moment I'm on the poor thing. 
  • The track rug will forever be my favorite find. I still wish it was a more neutral color like gray, black or tan, but it's so perfect for my track-running husband's cave. I couldn't pass it up. 
  • Our entertainment center seems like it was made for us. It can store so many gaming devices (wii, ps3 and ps4), video games (which are hidden away in the baskets) and so many movies. 


Timer Wall Pockets - IKEA GISSA, Black Globe - Thrifted (DIY), All Frames - IKEA, White Side Table - IKEA LACK, Basket - Target (N/A), Medal Display - IKEA VÄLBEKANT, Entertainment Center - IKEA LAPPLAND, Storage Boxes - IKEA (similar), Gaming Chair - CCA reSale, Pillow - Hobby Lobby


Metal USA Map - Hobby Lobby (N/A) + Chalkboard Paint, Table Lamp - Target (N/A), Basket - Wedding Gift from Whataburger, Filing Cabinet - Thrift Find + Dollar Tree Contact Paper (similar) + White Paint, Futon - IKEA BEDDINGE LÖVÅS, Wooden Futon Base - Cardboard + Dollar Tree Pine Contact Paper, White Pillows - IKEA EIVOR ORD, Black Pillow - IKEA FUFFLA, Rug - IKEA SPRINGA


  • Now that I have the frames finally hung above the entertainment center, they still need pictures in them. The large square frame is going to have a picture of a track and the one with 3 openings will have black and white images from Denton: our dorm (where we met), a UNT sign and maybe a Denton city limit sign (or the square). 
  • Coach's running picture may need to be re-printed. I made it for him back in 2009 and it's been through a LOT of moves. It could use a fresh white frame too.
  • I've been slacking on guests signing our black globe when they come over or stay the night. Need more signatures!

Let's see how long this room stays clean. Looking at you, husband!