Mean Green Man Cave

After moving into this apartment, I thought I could delay the inevitable "man cave" and have a pretty (girly) little guest room for a while. Well, IKEA ruined those plans thanks to a new rug in the kids department. The SPRINGA rug is 6 lanes of a track. Track and field decor isn't something that you see all the time, so I had to jump on it while it's here! I hope someday they'll come out with a black or gray one, but I'll just go with the red for now. 

Yesterday, I unpacked a few UNT items that we have, posters, diploma, letterman jacket, track medals, pictures and the man cave was born. 

It's always a good idea to have some wall storage (especially if you're a magazine lover). This GISSA wall pocket from IKEA perfectly fit the track theme of the room, while giving me a place to store my magazines away. I also found a basket on clearance at Target to store sports equipment. 

I loved that I found this giant VÄLBEKANT clipboard at IKEA because it's the perfect way to display some of his medals.

There are still so many things I want to decorate in here, but this is a good start!

After filling that room with so many college memories, I started feeling super nostalgic and sad that we're no longer students. Of course, I had to go dig up a few moments from that time:

Can we all move back to Victory Hall now? *tears*