Man Cave Update III

Not too long ago when we were about to have guests stay with us, I knew the slacking I'd been doing in the man cave just wasn't going to cut it anymore. I still had unfilled frames and Christmas gift boxes and wrapping were still strewn about. It was a hot mess for sure. I finally got myself together and dare I say finalized the room once and for all? Yeah, right!

The newest addition to the room is our North Texas flag! No man cave would be complete without a big nod to our college and meeting place, so that's now taken over the futon area. I've also been minimizing on furniture pieces (filing cabinet had to was also not storing anything but Christmas gift bows!) 

The letterman jacket and track photo have moved over to the TV. I had plans of other photos, but it was a whole lot easier to just move those there instead of printing up new things. 

For the first time since we moved in, there is not a blank frame or a I-hope-to-do-this-one-day project. Medals are up, frames are filled, things are organized and I hope it stays that way for while. It's nice to have it all done.