DIY Modern Mobile

While my cousins were visiting a couple weeks ago, I finally got to put together a DIY project I'd be wanting to try for such a long time: Making a mobile. Not a baby mobile, though. Just a decorative modern mobile that anyone can have in their home!


If you're a bit of a craft-supply collector, like myself, you'll probably have all of these supplies around your home. Here's what you need: embroidery hoop | magazine clippings | fishing line | liquid glue | circle punch (like this one). Sizes and amounts are up to you!

1. Punch many circles from magazine pages that fit your color scheme (we went with reds, yellows, blues and neutrals to match my cousin's bedroom). Don't shy away from different patterns and shades! 2. Cut fishing line pieces the length you'd like your mobile to be. 3. Tie those pieces onto your embroidery hoop at one end. Be sure to double-knot! 4. Tie additional fishing line at both ends to create the top hanging piece. 

5. Once all your lines are tied around the hoop, the gluing begins. Take two circles, add a little glue and sandwich around the loose fishing line pieces. 5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Be sure to try to be more random with your placement and color choices. No patterns or measuring allowed!

This is the perfect project for a gloomy, rainy day.

Let me know if you create your own modern mobile!