Perfectly Posh'in

Near the beginning of the holiday season, my cousin Breanna started her journey as a Perfectly Posh consultant. She gave all us ladies these fragrantly soothing bath salts in our stockings (I got "Snarky Bath") and it was easy to get hooked on Posh from there. I placed my first order not too long after that!

Sometimes it's the little things that make me appreciate a company a little bit more than all the others. Your Perfectly Posh order comes in a box filled with packing peanuts....but, these aren't the wasteful, hazardous peanuts you're used to. 

These peanuts still keep your products safe and sound in the hustle of shipping, but they melt away with drop of water! They are made from corn starch and go right down your drain (not stuck hanging around for years in a landfill somewhere). Once I was "greeted" with this environmentally-friendly idea, I was sold.  

Here's the products that I got in my first order: Amaaazing Fresh Mint and Wild Honey Bath Bomb Bag, Peachy Perfection 'Bless Your Heart' Big Bath Bar and 4 Santa Cool Hip VanillaMint Big Bath Bars. With any order, if you buy 5 products, you get one free and all orders are shipped for $5.00, no matter how much you buy! 

With Posh, a "chunk!" is similar to a bar of soap. Soap that smells amazing, lathers up well and lasts a lot longer than the usual tiny bars we're used to. The "Bless Your Heart" peachy chunk! is currently in my husband's shower because he couldn't resist the scent for himself. If you're at a volleyball tournament or track meet and a coach smells like peaches, that's my man. 

And I may have gone a little crazy, but I ordered FOUR "Santa Cool" vanillamint chunks! #NoRegrets. They were in the "closeout" since Christmas was over and I had a feeling they would be gone soon. I was so right! Maybe they'll come back next year? *crosses all the fingers* I'm a minty-fresh feen. Adding in "vanilla" is just a cherry on top!

I don't keep any secrets about my current obsession with bath bombs, so I had to make sure to add a bag of those in with my order as well. Again, I'm drawn in to any mint product, so I had to go with the Fresh Mint and Wild Honey. 👍

There are many different ways to be a part of Perfectly Posh. You can be a consultant, like my cousin Breanna), a customer (who buys fun things for herself and others), a party-hoster (like my mom) or a frequent customer who refers others (and gets major I'm doing)! 

If you ever want to place an order with Posh, be sure to check out with my cousin Breanna (ID: 37883) as your consultant. Let me know if you decide to treat yourself and are perfectly posh'in too!