Easter Lush

If I see gold glitter, I buy. Does this happen to other folks too? I know you're lying if you say no. Anyway, I have a lot of new Youtube channels I've recently subscribed to and so many of them had Easter Lush haul videos. There's lots of cool products in the current Easter collection, but the golden egg is all I needed to see!

I walked in for the beautiful seasonal bath bomb and on my way to the checkout, spotted some more golden goodness. The Sunny Side bubble bar is just as metallic as the golden egg, but works as a bubble bath you can use up in little pieces at a time. 

I'm too addicted to the cuteness to use these products just yet. I mean, can you ever take enough photos of something this pretty? Luckily, I can see them in action thanks thanks to Strikeapose on Youtube: Golden Egg | Sunny Side

GOLDEN EGG - Soak in a dazzling bath of moisturizing olive oil and golden luster until your skin feels softer than caramel and smells more scrumptious than anything from Mr. Wonka's factory. Uplifting bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten the skin, and give a sweet fruitiness to this most luxurious soak. (via lushusa.com)
SUNNY SIDE - If you've had a day full of disappointment, pop one of these sparkly bubble bars into your bath. As you crumble it under the running water, you'll start to feel better. You just can't help but smile when you see the shimmery golden waters it creates. Maybe it's because citrus fruits only grow in warm, sunny places that their scents make us feel like smiling again. Sunny Side's orange, tangerine and lemon help reverse the troubles of the day, however badly it started. It'll turn your life Sunny Side up. (via lushusa.com

Who needs to wait on the Easter bunny for a little Spring indulgence, when you live a couple miles from Lush?