DIY Bath Bombs

Much like the rest of you, I'm a little obsessed with bath bombs lately. I bought a few as Christmas gifts this year (from LUSH) and I've even got some being shipped to me (from Perfectly Posh), as I type! However, this summer I found a perfect little recipe to make my own bath bombs anytime I feel a spa day coming on.

The recipe, from A Beautiful Mess, calls for baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, Epsom salt, water, coconut or olive oil, essential oil and food coloring. Although, I added in a top super-secret ingredient as well...

Before I began any of the instructions from A Beautiful Mess, I went and purchased a fragrant bath bomb (Sex Bomb) from LUSH. In a large bowl, I hammered, chiseled, and shaved the bomb until it was nearly powder. I used that as an additional ingredient. Since it does become a big component, I also added a tiny more water in the final mix. 

The directions are super easy to follow and pretty fun to make with your friends. As for the shapes of the bombs, I used the recommended plastic ball ornaments as well as this floral leaf silicone mold. 

By doubling the recipe and adding in the additional LUSH bath bomb, we nearly made 30 bombs at once. Plus, it was so much fun to do! I can definitely see this being a go-to gift idea for upcoming birthdays and special occasions.