Balancing Act on the Mantle

Slowly but surely, parts of our new home are nearing completion (even if there may be a guest room full of unpacked boxes). Because of awkward fireplace-placement, we had to mount a tv in our living room for the first time. Not one of the two tvs we already owned, of course. It had to be newer. "Smarter," even. Montrell enjoyed that little purchase during move-in week and I must admit that I'm loving it too. 

Boys will be boys and the tv was mounted a little higher than originally planned. After a few


hours of me being sad about it's placement, I realized that there was more room for cute decorations, so I got over it. I'll have to save the cable-hiding details for another day. It deserves a post in itself! Here's the supplies I've used to balance out the mantle: 

1. This pretty print was made by Jenny of Maidae. I don't see the exact one available now, but check out the others in

her print shop


2. Room Essentials at Target pretty much made their new line of college decorations for me. Love this

modern arrow light


3. The cork character is from the same RE collection (They have every letter and lots of symbols. We all just know the hashtag is my fav!) 

4. The 

FEJKA artificial plant

is one of my favorites from IKEA. I've got several of them around the place. Looks real, doesn't die. 

5. All the frames are from IKEA as well. The

classic white RIBBA

holds the Maidae print and the striped set of frames (ÅSARNA) is not available online yet. The large frame underneath the tv is



Now, all I need is to decide which pictures will fill these empty frames!

Can't wait to share when I get some things completed around here.