It's Moving Day!

It's moving day for us! By 10:00 this morning, we should have a new set of keys in our hands and moving in boxes upon boxes upon boxes...with the help of our fantastic family and friends! Seems like just yesterday we were

moving into our first place

! Anyway, I got to go check out our place this past weekend, since we hadn't seen the layout yet. I want to share a bit of the blank space with you before those cardboard boxes start filing in.

Living Room

(Where will the TV and furniture go? Nobody knows! 

I've never arranged a room around a fireplace. This may be a bit of a challenge.)

Dining Room

(We'll be using this space as an office. Who needs a dining room? Not this 24-year-old.)

Master Bedroom

(Little smaller than we're used to, 

but it comes with a separate linen closet...

which I will be needing for all my craft supplies. You know, important stuff.)

Master Bathroom

(Is that a makeup drawer that I see? *crosses fingers* Oh, I sure hope so!)

Guest Bedroom

(Same size as the master. Montrell thinks this is his man cave. 

I see more of a pretty guest room with pinks and pastels. Ha!)

Guest Bathroom

(A bathroom for visitors! Hooray for more than one shower and potty!)

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook

(This has more than double the cabinet room of our first place. DOUBLE. 

I have big plans for this room. It includes lots of chalkboarding. Get ready.

Umm. Also, hello beautiful stainless steel appliances.)

It's kind of cool to have a blank slate to work with! 

I can't wait to make this place ours and update you on all the little projects.