Buy Him A Donut

If I do say so myself, I was a pretty fantastic girlfriend. My track-running stud didn’t fly off to a single collegiate meet without a note, card or small surprise hidden in a jacket pocket or luggage. It’s just my thing. My love language. I’m a gift-giver. Always have been. Always will be…or, so I thought. 

It seems as though it’s a little easy to get complacent without all that "nonsense" once marriage and 9-to-5s and bills and hectic schedules begin. I mean: I help cook dinners. Decorate our home. Wash the dishes. Fold clothes. Scrub the bathtub. And those are all nice "gifts," right?

Since there's no rewind button and I can't necessarily back to college and have all that wonderful free time anymore - Speaking of, how jealous am I of you fresh college kids? It's awesome. Live up the Netflix binging, napping and general laying-around while you can! - I know I just have to work harder at my lost art of little gift-giving. 

All that to say, some days you just have to take 30 minutes, drive on over to Dunkin' and buy your man some surprise donuts. Now, whether or not you pair it with a cheesy saying from Pinterest and track down a donutty-font is your own choice. Personally, anything cute and cheesy is exactly what I'm always going to do. 

I really "donut" I'd do without a husband like you! Thanks for being mine.