2013 Summer Bucket List

Since school is winding down (my husband only has 5 more days to teach, hooray!), I've started to think about some things I want to do this Summer. I thought it'd be nice to have a little list of 10 things I hope to accomplish. Some are small, some are big and some are easy-peasy. Here's my 2013 Summer Bucket List: 

1. BAKE + DECORATE A CAKE - Probably not the best plan since I'm trying not to eat this kind of thing, but maybe I'll just bake and decorate it (wink*wink). I haven't really decorated a cake in quite a while, so it'll be fun!

2. SEE A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME - I've never been to one! How have I grown up in East Texas and never been, I have no idea? It's definitely not my favorite sport (I think it's pretty dull most of the time), but I hear the professional games can be a bit more exciting in person.

3. HOST A BBQ - Montrell and I have this big beautiful grill on our balcony and it has never been fired up. What a waste!

4. FLIP A THRIFT ITEM - I love browsing my thrift stores and finding cool things. I want to redo and renew and old item to help decorate my living or bedroom. 

5. GO ON A ROAD TRIP - This one will probably just be in Texas this year, but I love all kinds of trips in the car. For me, the qualifications of a "Road Trip" are: A) More than 3 hours in the car. B) Stopping at a rest stop. C) Car full of snacks. D) A hotel stay. That makes it a real road trip!

6. PAINT A CANVAS - I am not a painter, at all, but I love trying...I'll probably only blog about it if it looks good. Ha! 

7. CREATE A FAMILY CALENDAR - This one needs to get done the quickest. My husband has tons of sports practice and game schedules to remember, so it will be nice to have a visual reminder of all our events, in our home. 

8. UPDATE FRAMED PICTURES - I think because our world is so digital now, it makes it easy to forget to print out pictures. I have a ton of empty frames in our apartment and some that are way too outdated. Easy fix!

9. WATCH A MOVIE PREMIERE AT MIDNIGHT - Maybe we can do this for Man of Steel next week? How excited are you guys for this movie? I cannot wait! My sister and I have always been in love with Superman. We asked for Smallville DVDs every year for Christmas and watched them over and over and over again. He's our favorite hero!

10. PICK BERRIES AT A LOCAL FARM - I haven't picked blackberries since I was a young kid! It'll be fun to reminisce on those old times.

What are your big plans for the Summer?