Weekend Recap | Jaci's Graduation

The big day arrived Friday for so many of the "kids" I've known for so long, growing up in my small hometown. I got the honor of substitute teaching all of these students during their Fall semester and I must say, even from behind the big desk in the classrooms, this is definitely a pretty cool group of seniors!

My little sister-in-heart, Jaci was the salutatorian of this class, which meant she had to give a speech. We were in the stands taking a few deep breaths, knowing we wouldn't want to talk in front of so many! I was just as nervous for her as I was when my sister, Bethany, had to give that same speech at her graduation. She did it flawlessly, of course, (as did Hunter, the Valedictorian). 

The next morning, we celebrated her big day with a fun family party at a local church, in her honor. If you're one of my awesome instagram followers, you got to see bits and pieces of Jaci's purple graduation party preparations already. Come back tomorrow to see the full post on all the sparkles and cute details. It definitely has to have its own post!

Later Saturday evening, family, friends and many of the new grads got together at Jaci's house for rounds of volleyball, horseshoes, washers and, of course, plenty more food. 

Can't wait to read about all of your weekends. From all my social media feeds, 
there seems to have been plenty more graduations and lots and lots of weddings! Let the Summer fun begin!