Summer Day at the Dallas Zoo

Summer is winding down for the kiddos and I want to get a few more days of fun in with [K] before school life begins again. We decided to drive over to The Dallas Zoo and get up close and personal with some of her favorite animals. Despite the summer heat and sweat, we had a fantastic time feeding the animals and reading and learning more about them. 

Can I please just have a pet koala? I mean, really. God had the cuteness level on full-effect when he created these guys. 

How fashionable is this guy with his black and white striped tail? He totally fits right into my home style.

For $5, [K] got to feed a giraffe. Their tongues are super-weird in color, but he sure enjoyed those crackers!

Before the zoo opened, we got some breakfast at the McDonalds nearest to the zoo. It's a true attraction in itself. Everything is animal-themed, including the noises coming from the loudspeakers inside. Certainly a great way to kick off a zoo day!

If you're looking for a place to take the kiddos today, the Dallas Zoo is hosting it's Dollar Day, where all admission is only a buck! 

Happy Dollar Day!