Chili’s® at Home

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Have I ever mentioned that Coach and I don't cook? Like, at all. After being gone 12 hours each weekday, the last thing I want to do is come home and think about cooking. We survive off of restaurant to-go items most of the time. Just last week, we were running into Chili's to get dinner for the night! 

Thanks to the new Chili’s® at Home products, I don't even have to make the trip to the restaurant to get the reliable food we love. You can store Big, Bold Taste in your freezer!

Courtesy of Bellisio Foods, I picked up a few of their single serving box meals (although they do have several multi-serving meals to choose from, as well) from our local grocery store. 

Coach decided to try the Pepper Jack Mac N' Cheese and I gave the Chicken Bacon Ranch a go. About 5 minutes in the microwave for each and dinner was served (I dumped our Chili’s® at Home meals into our nice, white bowls because we're fancy like that). 

With my total lack of time for the evening, I paired our meals with the only thing I could get ahold of, the ever-loyal chips and salsa. 

Overall, we loved our fast Chili’s® at Home meals. Coach wishes it was a little more food (I'll probably grab him the multi-serving next time), but he agreed these single servings would be perfect for a quick work lunch. Much more flavor than your average microwave-freezer-box!

Remember to pack your freezer with Chili’s® at Home, so the next time you're craving the big, bold taste of Chili's, but don't have any time to spare, you'll be all set! How about $1.00 off coupon to motivate you even more? That's what I'm talking about!